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Three Rivers Singles Golf Club (TRSGC) was established in 1996 by a small group of avid single golfers with the desire to meet, golf and and socialize with other singles sharing the same passion for the game.  We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  As a result we only charge a small membership fee and monies collected are returned to members in the form of small prizes and event subsidies once administrative costs are covered. 


Today, our club continues to provide many opportunities for Pittsburgh area singles to golf.  We have outings every weekend beginning in late April/early May through early October.  There are two weekend getaways providing 2-3 days of golf at resorts typically located within a 2 hour drive of Pittsburgh.  Social Events are scheduled throughout the year.

Anyone who is single, divorced, or widowed can join as a golf or social-only member. The 2023 membership consists of 129 individuals aged 45 and over with an even distribution of men and women.

Our golf events are friendly and not a highly competitive environment.  We accept members of all skill levels. Beginners are welcome, with the request that you have experience playing at least 2 rounds of an 18-hole course, be able to maintain the pace of play and be willing to pick up your ball if necessary.

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