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Golf Cart Safety:

For Drivers: Avoid hard, sudden and unexpected starts, stops and turns. If the rider is not expecting a sharp or sudden left turn and has not braced themselves, they could be thrown from the cart. Aggressive driving may also make your cart partner nervous and disrupt their game. Be aware of the steepness of the terrain and loose and wet surfaces. Descend slowly, most carts only have brakes on the rear wheels which results in much longer than expected stopping distances, especially when going downhill. Carts are also prone to lock one wheel (no anti-lock brakes) which results in you losing directional control and possibly crashing into something or overturning. On very steep hills it may be necessary to stop and have the passenger get out and walk down the hill. Avoid riding perpendicular to the slope of a hill or mound, the cart may overturn.  Please give the passenger an opportunity to become fully seated before driving away.


For Passengers: Be alert and prepared, have both feet on the floor and hold onto the arm of the seat. If you are uncomfortable with the slope of the approaching terrain, ask the driver to stop and get out of the cart and walk to a safe area before getting back in.


Fast-Play Guidelines:

Did you know that by following a few simple fast-play guidelines can result in reducing a 5-hour(+) round of golf by 30 minutes or MORE?


By adhering to our recommended tips for Fast-Play below, you can not only enjoy your round of golf, but others who are golfing with you (or behind you) can also enjoy their round!

  1. Always carry an extra ball, tees, and ball marker in your pocket. 

  2. Keep up with the group ahead at all times. (The group behind will catch up if they fall behind)

  3. After hitting the ball, if your partner is in the cart and ready to move, return to the cart with club(s) in hand and drive off. Clean your clubs or put them back in your golf bag afterwards.

  4. If your and your partner's balls are far apart and you are waiting on the group ahead, drop your partner (driver or passenger) off at their ball, then go to your ball. Once you hit, pick up your partner.

  5. Play “READY” golf. No "honors" on the tee box. You may hit before someone in your foursome that's behind you provided they are not ready to play.

  6. Have a brief pre-shot routine. Limit your practice swings to 1 or 2.

  7. Pick up your ball after reaching double par. (if you are struggling with your long shots, pickup after 3 hits and drop the ball near the green and finish the hole from there)

  8. Clear the green ASAP to enable the group behind to hit their approach shots. Record your scores at the tee box on the next hole.

  9. Don’t “rush” your shots, but please “rush” between your shots.

By following the above tips, you and your friends will have an enjoyable day!


Golf Attire:

Remember to check with the golf course (especially a Country Club) in advance for any possible restrictions on golf attire.

TRSGC requires all men to wear collared shirts and no one is permitted to wear denim (jeans or shorts) at our Scheduled Golf Events. 


Year Round Local Golf Practice Facilities with Instruction:

  • Robert Morris University Island Sports Center Golf Dome

  • Scally's Golf and Training Center

  • Cool Springs Golf Complex

  • Pine Creek Golf Center

Check our Golf Events page for upcoming Educational Events!

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